offers reliable and the best service for pets and owners

  • Our mission is to aim to exceed customers' expectations in the transfer of their beloved animals around the world safely, soundly and happily
  • We take pride in delivering value to our customers by providing the most reliable and efficient solutions in animal pet relocation and pet health care
  • We aim to lead the industry by instilling pride in our people, creating value for our people and sharing responsibility for our world

The essence of what we strive for: 'Delivering more'
  • Our vision strongly reflects who we are: ambitious, positively energized, optimistic and highly result-oriented
  • It communicates our confidence that we believe we can always overcome obstacles and achieve our objectives
  • It is our positive attitude and personalized touch that differentiates us and allows us to benchmark ourselves and stand above the crowd

  • Constantly strive to satisfy customers (human and animals) every time
  • Constantly challenge and aim to better ourselves and our service each time
  • Be sensitive, passionate and compassionate about our environment; our people; our customers and all animals
  • Value team work and always be a team player
  • Have the highest regard for sincerity and honesty
  • Measure success through sustainable profit and of course a happy customer
  • Being able to serve our Customers and their Pet Animals around the World