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Dante was absolutely GREAT when he arrived.  Believe it or not he did not soil his container once, and was cheerful and full of energy.  Since we have been here he has been really blossoming.  Air is fresh and just beautiful nature, he is in heaven, for us is the same.
The main reason for my note is to say to you a GREAT BIG THANK YOU.  Your professionalism, attention to detail, and most importantly caring attitude made us feel very comfortable as to how Dante was handled, it was truly a pleasure to have known you and used your services.
Both Lale and I cannot thank you enough, you delivered your promise beyond our expectation, which is rare in this day and age, for someone to do his/her task with such passion and commitment.
Of course Dante also wants to say personally thank you but his paw could not reach the keyboard.
In any case many many thanks, and please do tell Jacky how happy and pleased we are.
Warmest regards
Nejat Sarp


I have used Kelvin Koh, Kev Posh Pet Services for grooming my Yorkshire Terrier dog, Tara  since I moved to Singapore in 2000 - Kelvin was recommend by the Vet I use.  He does a wonderful job and it is great the way he comes to my home to groom her.  We moved to Boston in 2005 and Kelvin did all the paperwork and came to the airport for Tara's flight.

We moved back to Singapore in 2007 and Kelvin again did all the paperwork at the Singapore end for her journey.  When Tara arrived he collected her at the airport and took her to the Quarantine Station.  He checked on her while she was there.  He of course continues to come to our home to groom Tara.

I am extremely pleased with Kelvin and the service he provides; I have no hesitation in recommending him to anybody.

Mary Glynn


Hello Kelvin

'Working with Kelvin has been a superb experience!. He provided professional guidance on how to select, purchase and import our dog puppy Babs from Europe. The entire process was successful as he continuously followed up with me every step of the way...excellent customer service.'



We used Kelvin Koh for the transportation of our pet schnauzer dog ", and we were very satisfied with the level of service and dedication Kelvin provided. He was very attentive to our needs, and we felt that he took great care of Madge prior to her departure from Singapore. We would not hesitate to recommend Kelvin to anyone that is thinking of transporting their pet overseas.



Hi Angela & Kelvin
Babyash and I have arrived in the UK earlier than the airline scheduled time although Ash was caught up at the cargo side for almost 10hours before I could see him and know that he was doing well.  By then it was almost more than 28 hours for him.  Thank God really i was worried sick for him but he was running about, curious and nosy about the new environment at the quarantine centre at Angela's and eating well too.  Tot i heard him complain alittle about the journey and that he was tired and snoozy looking but other than that, he seems ok. 
Claire and the other two ladies, whom I didnt had a chance to get their names, were really helpful in trying to get in touch with the BA Cargo side to clear Ash so he could come home to the q-centre and in my calming nerves and assuring me that Ash is doing fine at the BA's.  Fay has been really helpful and gave me really good advices about his good behaviour from the long travel, condition, grooming etc..  I feel so much assured knowing that Ash and his well-being are in such good hands and I could go home feeling relieved.  Only thing is that I'm just afraid he might be able to take the coldness. 
Kelvin, you have been such a great help from the start I known you, to all that advices you have been giving me in preparing Ash for his trip etc etc.  from taking Ash for the checks and all and taking me to the airport as well.  You have made such a good choice in choosing and recommending Airpets to me.  I have not a single doubt about Airpets, Angela and her staff.  You have asked if you have given me any unpleasantness etc.  I cant find anything bad to say about you!!!  Except maybe we should all cross our fingers for Wey Farm to return all my deposit!!! ;) 
Thank you thank you thank you x millions!!!!!
Sabrina & BabyAsh



We were lucky enough to hear of Kelvin and Posh Pet Services through our local pet store.
It was obvious to us right from the start that Kelvin not only had a wealth of experience with animal export including being highly regarded by quarantine officials but also that he held a great sense of responsibility for each and every animal which came under his care.
From the initial meeting right through to settling into our new home, Kelvin was in constant contact every step of the way.
We offered Kelvin a challenge, taking our German Shepherd who was rescued from the local pound to a new home in Australia. Not only did Kelvin have to deal with Boston and his little idiosyncrasies he also had to deal with possibly the most stringent quarantine laws on this planet.
We were especially grateful for the tremendous efforts that Kelvin made to reduce the stress for Boston and in so doing making our move to Australia a very easy transition.
We would recommend Kelvin to anyone who cares about their pet's well being.

Angela, Michael & Boston Sausman


During July 2004 and my family relocated from Singapore back to the UK. One of the most concerning things, was the movement of our pet dog, "Chester" a Golden Retriever, who is considered one of the family.

Kelvin Koh, of "Kev Posh Pet Services" took control of this task for us, and I can honestly say did a wonderful job for us. He was very informative and kept us in touch at all stages of the process. His service was excellent, and "Chester" arrived safely in the UK without any problems.

I am writing this letter as a thank-you to Kelvin and as a reference for any person looking to move a Dog out of, or into Singapore.

Thanks Kelvin,
Ian Gardner.


Hi Kelvin,

My family and I were preparing to make a move from Singapore to Christchurch, New Zealand, and we were not planning to leave our 2 year old Golden Retriever, Sonna, behind, that is when we found Kelvin. Through the whole process his very warm, friendly and open nature made us and my pet feel at ease. From frequent vet visits till the last day when we sent Sonna off, he was always there. In our opinion no one else could have done a better job. No regrets. There is not enough words to fully express and share the experience, till this day we are very grateful for all that he has done for us. Once again "Thank You" Kelvin. :)

All the best. Take Care!


"The move for our dog Stella was effortless and Kelvin did an incredible job of ensuring everything went according to plan. We would have no hesitation on recommending Kev Posh Pet Services to other people needing to move their pets internationally!"

Kind regards... Gabe


Hi Kelvin

We are now back in our own house in Sydney, and have our lovely dog Nessie with us! She survived quarantine, though she didn't really enjoy it. Our son, Tim, walked her twice a week and found it a bit tough as she would 'cry' whenever he left her. But all's well and she's now getting used to chilly mornings and dew on the grass when we take her for an early morning walk!

Thank you for organising everything for her - it's wonderful to have her back with us, safe and sound.

Good luck with Posh Pets, and all the best..

Nick and Heather Jackson


Hi. This is Tigi. I just wanna share with you my photos for those who care for me a lot :-) First, many thanks to Lauren who picked me up from Bedok Bus Stop and allowed me to lead a happy life with my family Oli & Joon!! Kelvin, thank you for making the necessary pet moving arrangement to allow me a smooth move from Sin to ZRH. Last n not least, special thanks to Captain Teoh who took good care of me during my SQ flight from Sin to ZRH !! Please take care to all..!!

- Joon